Work(out) your way through the most watched workouts of 2023, as selected by you! Click the workout image to play.

1: Overball Abs 1

When you are short of time but want a thoughtful core series that both opens the chest and strengthens the core. Using just your MVMT ball, this 10-minute “Overball” abs series builds up the burn in layers, making it beginner-friendly and fun.

No loaded leg positions in this one. In fact, your “legs are on holiday” for at least the first half of this workout. Don’t worry – they make a guest appearance but how good is building some serious core burn yet also letting your legs be lazy and chill until they need to be involved? This is my new fav combo. Let me know how you go?

Duration: 10 Minutes

2: Overball Abs 2 Quick burn

Straight into the burn-zone overball abs. This 6-Minute Abs Quickie is layered for all levels and perfect for when you are short on time. Add me to workouts, combine me with other workouts or use me on days when you don’t feel like working out for long. Enjoy x

Duration: 6 Minutes

3: Rest in Peach

Your weapon of ass construction is the loop. This small (but deadly) sculpting weapon will be used strategically to superset your seat. Think three-dimensional burn. We stay horizontal (no standing) for this one.

Duration: 20 Minutes

4: Quick Glute Activation Blast

Lazy Glutes? Take 5 & pre-game your workouts with this move.

A 5-Minute Bridging sequence that if practised build your booty strength and hip flexor length! You could use this as a stand-alone quickie or as a peach primer before other workouts (perfect for people with lazy glutes or wanting to really switch them on before workouts!). Only my fav exercise of all time AND you will only need 5-Minutes and your loop!

Duration: 5 Minutes

5: 30 Minute Abs & Inner thighs

Cool fact: Your core and inner thighs are connected and they work synergistically. Stronger inner-thighs = stronger core.This 30-Minute Flow will superset the two muscle groups. It’s a match made in heaven and I hope you love it.

〰️ Ball and Mat
〰️ Horizontal (all mat no standing)
〰️ Your entire core (upper, lower, obliques) will be targeted

Duration: 30 Minutes

6: Full Body Ball Love

30 Minute Full Body Pilates using the MOVEMENT Ball for every move. A little extra attention to the Abs & Arms!

On the menu:
✨ Overball Abs , Lower Abs ball under Sacrum, Bridging, Quadruped, Side Over Ball, Push-ups + more.

Duration: 30 Minutes

7: Inner and Outer Thighs plus gentle stretch

It’s low-intensity, perfect for those low-energy days. It fuses stretch and strength, of both the spine and legs. We use the loop, then the ball and repeat a similar exercise flow. The first round focuses on the outer thighs and glutes, and the second round focuses on the inner thighs. More nurture (than torture).

I was having one of those days where my legs felt 300kg (analogy for days when everything feels hard) and my future self felt so much better after moving.

Duration: 17 Minutes

8: Sculpt 2.0 Glutes Torch and Tone

Set the glutes on FIRE with this dynamic sculpt sequence. It will begin with bridging on the mat to open the hips and activate the glutes ready for the standing scooter balance burner to come. You’ll move from mat to standing – switching quickly between targeted Pilates moves (sculpting) and dynamic standing combos to give your entire body (especially glutes) an amazing, deep burn.

The loop adds extra intensity, but is totally optional.

Duration: 34 Minutes

9: Leg Envy

Low-Impact Leg Sculpting with some of my go-to leg burners. This will sculpt the front, back and inner thighs leaving you with toned legs in 20-Minutes.

3 Main Parts:
1. Bridging 3 Ways using the ball. No better way to tone the inner-thighs than bridging. We spice it up with 3 different leg positions using the ball.
2. 360 Leg Superset. Toning all angles of the legs (especially inner-thighs) using the ball.
3. Standing Second Finisher aka Ballerina Burn.

Duration: 24 Minutes

10: Sculpt 1.0 Glutes to the Max

A spicy mix of standing and mat work that will burn your glutes to the MAX (in a good way). Switching quickly between targeted Pilates moves and more spicy standing combos challenging your entire body (especially your Glutes). The last exercise is an all-time favourite! The ball adds an extra layer of spice – taking a controlled movement to the next level and really lighting up the glute (max). Build a deep burn and leave SHAKING and satisfied.

Duration: 28 Minutes

11: Feel Good Full Body in 25

Post Natal Friendly

Excuse the abrupt start to this video. Busy Mumma wanting to get as much movement goodness in as possible for her short 25-minute workout she forgot her manners and didn’t say hello. Perfect full body for anyone wanting some extra care, core and consideration to their body.

Duration: 25 Minutes

12: Gliding Abs 7 – Obliques

We start with extended legs and focus on the “pulling-in” action. It layers the legs, arms and obliques. I love how we build a deep core burn while staying so safe and supported. A satisfying seated abdominal series in just 10-minutes that I hope you love.

Duration: 10 Minutes

13: Essential ABS 1

Introduction to Overball Series

Beginner-friendly + one of my go-to sequences to master the overball series. Build up (the burn) in layers through safe, smart and strategic movements. Let’s master the foundations and really connect to our core.

Part of a new Pilates Essentials series, perfect for those starting out on their movement journey, or wanting to revisit the basics. The magic is in the details.

Duration: 14 Minutes

14: equipment Free Glutes

We deep dive into lots of fun variations of “quadruped” to get all angles of the backside engaged and burning. There are only two “moves” in this one – quadruped (in so many different ways) and frogs. I love to break up four-point kneeling with something that isn’t weight bearing – it gives your upper-body a break. while continuing to strengthen the glutes.

Pregnancy modifications available

Duration: 20 Minutes

15: Standing Arms 2 – Shoulders, Arms, Posture

Another member request 🤍
13-Minute, Standing, Sculpting, Go-To Quickie – Arms, Shoulders & Posture

I love a member request – especially when it’s intelligent!
This shoulder, arm and posture sculpting go-to includes; waiter arms, John Travolta’s, standing rows (wide and narrow) and triceps. Arm-mazing taste.

Grab your long band, I’m armed and ready for you!

Duration: 13 Minutes

16: Booty Blast (and Jumanji)

💭 I was lucky to get out of this one alive.
Needed a short, glutey number to do (between puppy duties). Jumanji was supposed to do his cute cameo but he turned into the Tasmanian devil so he got booted.

This is a 13-minute trio for the tooshie. Get your glutes from every angle without leaving your mat. Just your loop for this one. Stay for the stretch and cute behind-the-scenes puppy spam at the end.

Duration: 13 Minutes

17: Essential Glutes 1

Master the basics with our essentials series. Let’s master the foundations and really connect to our glutes. Part of a new Pilates Essentials series, beginner-friendly focussed classes perfect for those starting out on their movement journey, or wanting to revisit the fundamentals of alignment, form, breath to improve the quality of their movement. The magic is in the details.

Side-lying and bridging are our focus for this beginner-friendly glute focussed class. Move equipment free, or add the MVMT loop to intensify the challenge.

Duration: 13 Minutes

18: Banded Full Body Bliss

Full-Body Pilates Goodness in under 20 minutes.

Love this for when you want a full-body workout in under 20 minutes. Bridging, Sidelying, Prone Hundreds, Sideplanks & Quadruped Countdown are some of the hero moves on this mat pilates menu. We add your loop to give some extra attention to the glutes and back-body.

Grab your movement loop for extra spice, or perform equipment free.

Duration: 18 Minutes

19: Ball Arms Quickie

This quick arm-targeted flow uses the ball to challenge all the small stabilising muscles of the arms and the triceps. It is infused with some mobility moments so your building strength and creating length.

A fun kneeling variation on swimming that really highlight how much core you need to stabilise. Finishing with a core/hovering quadruped challenge. Try this one. It is fun!

Bite-sized burn targeting the arms.

Duration: 9 Minutes

20: Liit Glutes

Glute Focussed LIIT – we superset low impact, high burn, glute focussed movements back to back. You will need your loop and mat for this.

LIIT stands for Low Impact Interval Training. Unlike HIIT which includes high-impact moves, LIIT supersets low-impact, high-intensity moves. 1-minute intervals of our most effective exercises, back to back guaranteed to get you burning, sweating, and feeling that post-workout high in less time. I use this method in my home practise when I want to get my heart rate up quickly and maximum burn in a short time frame.

Duration: 13 Minutes

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