The Movement Society is your online Pilates and Movement platform. Transport to your personalised Pilates space in your own time, at your own pace, and from the comfort of your own home. Movement you need, love, crave, and the results you deserve. A unique online Pilates experience created just for you. Cannot wait to meet you on the mat!


You are spoiled for choice with a comprehensive workout library of over 600 classes at your fingertips. Transport to your personalised Pilates space in your own time, at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

Class styles include Pilates, Sculpt, Stretch, Yoga, LIIT, Tutorials, Pre & Postnatal and more.

Plus, new workouts are added monthly so you always have something fresh and exciting to look forward to.

Being a new Mum, and having two babies since launching Movement online, it was incredibly important the online platform had workout options, classes, resources, and programmes specific to each stage of motherhood. Mummas will LOVE our comprehensive (and love-filled) pre- and postnatal library of workouts and programs.

We have customised programs to guide every trimester of your pregnancy and postnatal journey. Plus you can use our special prenatal and postnatal filtering system to choose workouts directly from the workout library and know they are safe.

Fun challenges to motivate you, guide your transformation, and make choosing even more effortless.

Our thoughtful filtering tool helps you quickly locate your ideal session – filter by class style, time, focus area, props, pregnancy stage + more.

Our unique movement method has been thoughtfully designed to help you achieve the long-lasting results you deserve. Workout options for everybody, at every level, for every energy level and mood. You can transport to the studio and do a 60-minute pilates class, or squeeze a 10-minute quickie into your busy day.

A community of movers to share your experience with and access to founder Elise. Join our facebook group for a place to engage and connect with our society


Our unique method of Mat Pilates has been thoughtfully created to help you achieve the long-lasting results you deserve. All of our classes and programs are built on attention to technique, form and sequencing of movement. Behind the scenes decisions that gift you with strength in your core, beautiful tone, and the freedom of flexibility.

We guide you intimately through each class. Bringing the wisdom from our lived experience teaching thousands of bodies, through your screen. We really mean it when we say Movement has your Back.


Weekly Schedules and monthly Programs to take you through your transformation, and make choosing even more effortless.


It’s time to show your Body Love with movement. This Program is now available in a Prenatal-friendly format, so everybody can access the goodness Body Love has to offer! The Body Love Challenge is included in all Movement Society memberships. Start your membership today.

Movement Programs for..

Accountability. Commitment. Consistency.

Transform your body

Access muscles you never even knew you had. Commit to a program and see results that will keep you wanting more. All you need to do is press play! Spoiler alert: you will have fun and feel amazing.

Results are addictive

Getting started can be hard, so we are breaking your journey into steps that will fire-up motivation and fuel momentum. Each milestone gives you the opportunity to reflect on your progress and plan your goals.

Look, feel and move better

Taking the time to refine, retune and retrain will help you both on and off the mat. Each class will reinforce positive movement habits and strategies, so your form gets better even as the classes gets harder. Not only a successful formula to help treat and prevent injuries but there’s an added perk: you get a killer body!

Progress is the new perfection

Don’t be afraid of being a beginner. You will be encouraged and educated in how to modify and/or advance each exercise in order to facilitate your individual body. Each class is an opportunity to progress your practice. We will set you up for movement success.