No excuses! It’s never been easier to access your favourite Pilates class.

Exclusive to Virtual MVMT Members:

Pre-recorded online video library, you can access anytime, anywhere.

A new class added daily to keep you motivated and inspired.

Filter by class style, length, focus, prop or instructor, then add to your favourites.

Guidance from your instructors through our private online community – request what you want to see in your next workout!

More than an online workout library.

You get to connect with us, and your fellow MVMT community members on the daily. The Virtual MVMT Facebook group is where all new content is released. Enjoy daily workouts uploads, personal feedback and motivation to keep you feeling inspired and connected.


Start moving from the comfort of your own home every day of the week.

Access your video library and filter by Class Style, Props, Instructor, Duration, and Focus.

MVMT Pilates

Our signature method is a creative and fun new style of Mat Pilates. Ass-lifting, core-strengthening, feel-good movement.

Sweat & Sculpt

Intervals of sweat and sculpt designed to challenge your endurance. It is fun, a little faster, and full of peach drool.

Live Class

Our live classes are recorded and uploaded so you can revisit them any time. Filmed ‘on location’ these classes show real-time feedback.


The oh so delicious and very important, thoughtful stretching and mobilising which aids recovery and balances out all of the burn you’ll feel in the other classes.


We take the time to make sure you are moving in the best possible way. Learn to move effectively so you can work more efficiently.


Toning Toolkit

Meet the all-in-one toning toolkit. This package includes our foundational gear and is your ‘workout from home’ sculpting essential. Our online workouts are centered around these game-changing tools. They enhance and amplify Pilates movements to ensure you are working effectively.

Created by an extremely fussy person who wouldn’t compromise on quality, shape, size or colour and knows what works and what doesn’t.


“My first one of your classes, having been a reformer pilates girl, it was great and it was so good to get moving again, thanks so much”

“Virtual MVMT is saving my sanity right now! Loving every workout. Such amazing value for money too! Can’t thank you enough for this!”

“It am addicted. You are so easy to follow, you all speak and guide so well. Thank you for keeping me motivated. I love the session!”

Request access to our private Facebook group “Virtual MVMT” and unlock the library of content.

Access to our special members-only Facebook community where you get unlimited access to a library of workouts. Fun things to look forward to include:

  • New uploads daily to enjoy anytime, anywhere. A new workout daily is exciting, we keep it fun, fresh, and full of so much workout goodness so you will never get bored or short of workouts to choose.
  • Personalised contact with the MVMT Team. You and your progress are so important to us, we love that we can be part of your online journey. Whether it is struggling with a movement, wanting help finding a personalised workout program to suit your goals, or just wanting to give feedback on a workout you love. You have three dedicated instructors at your fingertips.
  • Weekly Tips and life hacks that help you stay on track, motivated, and inspired. Little things can make the biggest difference.
  • The Facebook group allows us to stay connected, and together we are finding new ways to motivate, inspire, and stay connected. We can’t wait for you to be part of it.

Have your voice heard, what workout are you going to request? Your wish is our command.