Postnatal Movement

A safe and specialised postnatal program to follow as you regain strength and retrain muscles after birth. Throughout this program, we spend extra time and attention nurturing the core, hips, opening chest/shoulders, and focussing on posture. Everything a new mum needs to feel her best and glow.

Classes are kept under 20 minutes so you can slot them into your day. As always, we encourage you to move at your own pace. Take your time and listen to your body.

You Glow Mumma!

Sign up for our 3-Month Subscription now and access the Postnatal Movement Program, a FREE Essential Equipment Set, and FREE global shipping for $150.

  • Our weekly postnatal workout schedule keeps you on track with maintaining your daily movement.
  • Classes that effectively support your physical needs as you regain strength.
  • C-Section or vaginal birth appropriate classes.
  • Free Essential Equipment Set, shipped (free global shipping) upon sign-up and valued at $99.
  • Online ​Facebook community group access, for feedback and support. With guidance from your instructors and direct access to Elise.
  • Access to ALL classes, not just the prenatal program. So you can continue your journey or filter by postnatal for suitable additions to your schedule.
  • 3-Month commitment, then cancel anytime.

“I recommend Movement Society to everyone I can! The variety of classes is insane! Each class has a sequence that is so thoughtfully put together that it tricks you into wanting more even when you’re feeling lazy. Elise’s cueing is always so precise and smart I could do the classes with my eyes closed, and there is a range of lengths of classes that I can always find a way to fit one in.

When I became pregnant it was the only workout I did and I credit Elise and her classes for a speedy postpartum recovery and a much stronger core I could have anticipated! When I gave birth and was cleared to workout, it was the first workout I did. I felt safe knowing Elise was guiding me throughout my recovery. I am about 5 months postpartum and feeling so strong taking care of my 17 pound baby! I felt taken care of by Elise throughout this journey and am forever grateful!

Taken care of by Elise all the way from across the world in San Francisco!” – Eve

Ready to Begin?

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Congratulations on bub! Members access all areas. Follow our curated Postnatal Movement Program here. You can also use the “Postnatal” filter within the library to ensure the classes you choose are safe and appropriate. If you ever want any further guidance, reach out to Elise and she will assist.

Yes, our Postnatal Program includes specific exercises that help close the gap between the muscles safely and effectively.

Of course, the programs and library can be used interchangeably. Use the Postnatal filter to choose workouts safe for postpartum. You will be spoiled for choice with 100+ postnatal safe workouts and more coming.

We have all the equipment you need available through our online shop. You can purchase the equipment individually but we recommend our Toning Toolkit which includes the essential equipment you need.

Our Essential Equipment Pack (Toning Toolkit) is $99 and includes everything you need for the classes:

  • Movement Ball
  • Movement Band
  • Movement Loop
  • Movement Gliders
  • Movement Neoprene Bag

When you sign up for a 3-Month Membership you get the Essential Equipment FREE! The 3-Month Membership is $150 and will renew unless cancelled.

Absolutely. You can start the program at any stage of your postpartum journey. The postnatal program is a beautiful way to return to exercise and rebuild full-body strength and balance. Plus – you can transition seamlessly from our Postnatal classes and programs to our library once your body feels ready to progress. It’s never too late to start healing your body and prioritising yourself. You are going to love some well-deserved “me time”.