Frequently Asked Questions

Online with Movement Society

What equipment do I need for the online workouts?2024-05-14T17:59:38+08:00

We have all the equipment you need available through our online shop. You can purchase the equipment individually but we recommend our which includes the essential equipment you need.

You will Need:

Our Essential Equipment Pack (Toning Toolkit) is $99 and includes everything you need for the classes:

Valued at $139

Special Offer: When you sign up for our 3-Month Membership you get the Toning Toolkit Essential Equipment FREE! The 3-Month Membership is $150 and will renew unless cancelled.

Additional props we love include:

Movement Mat
Movement Block
Movement Release Ball
Movement Light Arms Band

Can I access the workouts anytime, anywhere?2024-06-18T08:49:53+08:00

Absolutely! Members can access workouts and programs anytime and anywhere, providing ultimate convenience and flexibility. Whether at home, travelling, or on a break at work, you can fit Movement into your schedule.

Do I need the internet to access the workouts?2022-03-16T13:55:46+08:00

You must have access to the internet to stream the workouts on your device.

How do I log in to my account?2024-02-09T18:01:24+08:00

If you are unable to log in to your account, please try the following tips:

  • Make sure that you are using the email address you used to subscribe, ensuring the spelling of your email address and password are correct.
  • If you have forgotten your password please use the ‘Forgot Password‘ link at the bottom of the login page.
  • Check your junk mail for any correspondence.

If that does not work, please reach out to us at hello@mvmtsociety.com.au

Managing My Movement Society Subscription

Is there a minimum commitment term?2022-03-16T13:16:59+08:00

Virtual MVMT is a subscription-based program with 2 subscription levels.

Our Intro Offer + 7 Day Free Trial can be canceled at any time within the first 7 days, free of charge. After the first 7 days, a fortnightly payment will be deducted through your nominated payment method.

The 3 Month Membership + Toning Toolkit has a 3-month commitment, charged upfront. After the initial payment, you may cancel your subscription at any time.

All subscriptions are rolling and will continue to be billed in fortnightly or 3-monthly payments until you cancel your membership. This is stated upon signup.

Can I purchase a gift voucher?2022-03-16T13:21:31+08:00

Yes! Please email us if you have a specific offer or value you would like to gift a loved one.

Please note that an account must be created to activate all subscriptions, including valid credit or debit card information. However, we will apply your gift voucher to the account on creation.

How do I cancel my subscription?2022-03-16T13:39:23+08:00

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your online account.

  • Login to your account
  • Select ‘My Account‘ in the footer
  • Select ‘Subscriptions’
  • Opt to ‘Cancel’ or ‘Abandon’

We are always seeking to improve our platform. If you do cancel your subscription please get in touch to let us know how we could have helped your Pilates journey.

If you decide to join us again in the future (we hope you do!) You can simply log in to your account and choose to activate a subscription using the same method.

Cancel Account
The status of the subscription will be set to Canceled and it will expire after the Expiration Date. You will still have access to your restricted content until the expiration date has passed.

The Abandon option will completely remove a subscription from your account. Recurring payments will be canceled and any access to restricted content will be revoked.

In-Studio with Movement Society

Do I need to take a beginners class?2022-03-16T13:59:16+08:00

No need – our classes are suitable for all levels. 

We promise. Don’t be afraid of being a beginner. We layer in the level of difficulty so that you and your body always have the option to work at your own pace.

We ask for you to complete a new member form which includes a section to tell us about your experience, goals and if you have any injuries. Completion of this form alerts our instructors of any modifications needed to ensure you have a safe and successful movement experience. Please notify your instructor before the class of any injuries or limitations, and we will ensure to give you the appropriate modifications.

What do I need to bring?2022-03-18T12:16:59+08:00

We encourage members to bring their own toning toolkit and mat to reduce the use of shared props. It is easily portable and handy for your at-home workouts.

If you don’t have the Toning Toolkit and don’t feel ready to purchase that’s also totally fine.  We have everything you need (mats and Toning Toolkits) in the studio to borrow. All are cleaned regularly in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines.

Mat’s are available to purchase if you prefer to have your own. We also recommend grip socks that can be purchased at your first class, or you are welcome to go barefoot.

What is your late/cancellation policy?2022-03-16T13:05:50+08:00

We don’t charge additional cancellation fees (because we know that you missing your class is penalty enough). We do have an 8-hour cancellation window and ask you to do your best to cancel any classes you cannot make (because that means someone else can).

Please reschedule your classes through Mindbody so that someone on the waitlist may take your place.

How do I book a class?2024-05-14T17:44:56+08:00

You can book your classes and purchase class packs and memberships here.

I would like to purchase the toning toolkit and/or mat2024-02-27T12:25:34+08:00

If you are an in-studio member (attending classes) – you can purchase a toning toolkit and/or mat choose the “collect from studio” option at checkout. Your equipment will be ready and waiting for you next time to visit the studio.

Shop the Toning Toolkit (and other props) here.

How can I access Online Membership if I am an In-Studio member?2024-05-14T17:48:40+08:00

In-studio members receive complimentary online access to Movement Society.

If you have a current in-studio membership through Mindbody, please email us for assistance in creating an online login.

What to know before your first class2024-05-14T18:00:39+08:00

Firstly, welcome! We can’t wait to meet you on the mat.

  • Arrive a few minutes early so we can welcome you and make sure you feel super welcome and comfortable before the class starts.
  • Help us learn about you, your body, and your goals. If you get the time, complete our New Client Form and email it to elise@mvmtsociety.com.au, or hand it to your instructor at your first class.
  • You will need to bring your own Mat and Toning Toolkit. Don’t worry if you don’t have the toning toolkit – just email us and we will organise a set for you to borrow for your class.
I want to try a class2024-02-27T12:21:33+08:00

We would love you to try a class. Start with our introductory offer of 3 classes for $49. You can purchase this here.

Location and Parking2024-02-27T12:26:17+08:00

Where are the classes? 

Classes are held at the majestic Cottesloe Civic centre. The Cottesloe Civic Center is a big space, the Lesser Hall which you want is located on the corner of Broome Street and Napier Street. If you park on Napier Street (across the road from the tennis courts) and enter via Broome street – it is the cute little white studio on the right.

Address: Cottesloe Civic Centre, Lesser Hall – 109 Broome Street, Cottesloe WA 6011

  • Corner of Broome and Napier Street.
  • Enter via Broome street, it is the cute white studio

Parking is available on Napier street (opposite the tennis courts).