Ball Arms Quickie - Movement Society

Ball Arms Quickie

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

Pre and Post Natal Friendly Arms Flow with the Ball.
This quick arm-targeted flow uses the ball to challenge all the small stabilising muscles of the arms and the triceps. It is infused with some mobility moments so your building strength and creating length. We "modify" the traditional push-up position to make it more accessible, so the focus can be on building your arm strength.

A fun kneeling variation on swimming that really highlight how much core you need to stabilise (bonus: you can do it pregnant (as it's not lying on your stomach) and/or if you have any shoulder issues (as it puts the shoulder in a more accessible range of motion).

Finishing with a core/hovering quadruped challenge. Try this one. It is fun!

Bite-sized burn targeting the arms.

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