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Bite-Size Burn: Posture, Arms & Inner-thighs

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

Post-Natal Friendly, but perfect for anyone who wants a quickie for posture, arms and inner-thighs.

This quickie is all about balancing the sitting and hunching we do during the day. We work the arms and upper back using the long band - focusing on the postural pulling muscles and triceps. We weave in mobility moments (which make your spine so happy) and inner-thigh challenges to leave the whole body a little warmer, taller, and more open. We start standing with the long band for arms, posture (and side of leg strength). Then it's some seated triceps and inner-thigh squeezes at the chair.

We finish on the mat side-lying (which feels so nice) and to really finish off the inner-thigh burn. Your hard work is rewarded with a delish book openings stretch to release any tightness across your chest.

Elise x

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