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Restore the Core 3.0

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

Part 3 of our Post-Natal Restore the Core Series. We are progressing and inviting more upper-abdominal work only when it is safe to do so.

We continue to progress our abdominal core series, inviting some gentle (but more loaded) chest lift work. Using your ball, we will dive into the details of chest lift, advance our balance on the ball lower abs series, introduce the assisted roll up and finish with (a favourite) overball abdominals. The pace is deliberate. Take the time to refine, and retune. Remember sometimes it is the smallest little changes that make the biggest difference. I hope you enjoy it and notice how each workout has built on from the last.

Never underestimate the power of practise, patience and pilates (hehe). Taking the time to go back to basics to build our strength safely and strategically is key. Enjoy the journey, and be proud you are taking the time to prioritise yourself and move! We got this Mammas.

This would be somewhere to progress to once any issues with diastasis or pelvic floor dysfunction are resolved. This can be confusing and scary, so please reach out if you need individual clarity and help.

Elise x

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