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Restore the Core 1: Gentle

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

This gentle core focussed workout has been designed to help you ease back into movement post-baby. We move slow and controlled, focussing on technique and breath. We are taking it back to the foundational exercises with the goal of strengthening the deep abdominal stabilising muscles (like the TA) that will help repair any separation, provide the strength needed to support back, and set yourself up so the deep core is strong enough for when its time to add more loaded exercises. We balance out the core work with some bridging using the ball. This will open your hips and activate your inner thighs. Perfect little balance of burning and learning.

I know as a new mum, finding 18-Minutes can be tough. This workout can easily be broken down into 2-Parts.

0 - 13 Minutes: Gentle Core
13 - 18 MInutes: Bridging open and activate

This is part of a 3-Part Series. Each builds on from the next.

You got this Mamma! x


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