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Restore the Core 2

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

Part 2 of the Post-Natal Restore The Core Series. Lower Abs, Inner-thighs & Chest.

This gentle workout is safe for postnatal clients wanting to rebuild their core from the inside out. We layer in the challenge, giving you many opportunities to practise and progress. We increase the challenge from part 1 by inviting the ball. under the pelvis. We are taking it back to the foundational exercises to strengthen the deep abdominal stabilising muscles (like the TA) that will help repair any separation, provide the strength needed to support your back and set yourself up so the deep core muscles that stabilise and support are strong enough for when its time to add more loaded exercises. It is tough to know if you are activating muscles you can’t see or feel. The TA is much more subtle than the more superficial six-pack or oblique muscles which you can feel burning. We focus on the key ways to activate your transverse abdominis in this workout. Packaged together some of the best TA exercises with some clever self-tactile keys to help you start to feel and recognise how to activate it.

To keep you feeling balanced, we then counteract all the “hip flexion” work with bridging which is a wonderful glute strengthening and hip opening movement. This is especially important given the amount of sitting we do as new mothers while nursing. This bridging series uses the ball and focuses on the inner-thighs - it ends up being a sneaky little burn fest. We finish with a beautiful rotation stretch and some push-ups in four-point kneeling. Taking the time to rebuild your core strength is vital, remember these stabilising exercises are key to rebuilding the core from the inside out and building the core stability and strength necessary post-baby. Stay pain-free and build the strength needed to progress to more challenging exercises and workouts.

You need just your ball and 20-minutes for this one. If you are short on time, it can be broken up into three parts. Use the "chapters" to skip to the part you want.
1. Lower Abs
2. Bridging and inner-thighs
3. Rotation and arms
* Note the three dots in the video player, they are the chapters. This will make it easy to break up the workout if you need too.

I would love your feedback, let me know how you go.

Elise x

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