MVMT Gliders


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Gliders were inspired to mimic the Pilates Reformer moving carriage – except lightweight, handbag-size and travel-friendly.  Dual-sided means you can slide on both carpet and hard floors. Benefits go far beyond the convenience factor – they layer a whole new dimension to your workout and will take body sculpting, balance and cardio to the next level. The best part being they are a low-impact (joint-friendly) solution to building strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Save the stress for something other than your joints.

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  • Two Gliding Discs.
  • Designed to be used on dual surfaces.
  • Use the MVMT Side up on hardwood floors, or MVMT Side down on carpets.


Three examples of how you can use gliders to spice up your movement experience :
  1. Gliding abs.
    A seated core series where you place the gliders under your feet. Your hip flexors turn off, core switches on and basically the love affair with the low-impact, high-intensity core burn begins.  Try Gliding Abs 1.
  2. Standing Scooter.
    Basically the best standing glute exercise of all time. It’s a reformer exercise that is even more fun replicated on the mat. A favourite for learning how to activate your glutes (and switch off the often overactive quads) in standing.  Try Scooter 101. 
  3.  Gliding Planks.
    A g’d up version of reformer planks. If a more advanced core challenge is what you are chasing you must try Reformer Planks