Extra Peachy Full Body Challenge - Movement Society

Extra Peachy Full Body Challenge

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

The Full In-Studio Experience (From Home)

A full hour (almost) of Pilates power with little extra focus on the peach. You can't underestimate how much goodness an extra 15-minutes allows.

Balancing out those burn moments with sprinkles of stretch and mobility, as well as taking the time to really set you up so you perform the moves correctly (and trust me you will feel it in all the right places!)

We build on from some of the movements we did in part 1 as well as introduce new movements and variations (like how to use the long band to nail the roll-up and gliding abs). This is one of my favourites MVMT class flows. I really hope you enjoy. Layered for all levels and designed to be repeated over and over.

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