Essential Series

Beginner friendly workouts designed to introduce you to movement and pilates. The classes take the time to set your body up for success so you feel it in all the right places. It is perfect for beginners, seasoned movers wanting to revisit the basics and master the moves, or for anyone reintroducing themselves to movement after a break or injury. Broken into body parts, exercise, or goals and progressive so the workouts get harder as your body gets stronger. Master the essentials now.

Essential Core

Activate your Core 1

Activate your core 2

Essential Inner Thighs 1

Essential Inner Thighs 2

Essential Glutes 1

Esential Glutes 2

Essential Glutes 3

Essential Arms 1


I encourage you to repeat the essential series a few times until you feel comfortable with the movements and ready for a little more. Repetition is the key to mastering the moves so don’t be in a rush to progress. Two beautiful program suggestions are below. AND remember – you can reach out to Elise for a personal recommendation. 

Glow in 20

If you are short on time, Glow in 20 is perfect for you. 20 Minutes a day for 20 days is all you need to GLOW. This is the perfect challenge for anyone struggling with time, motivation, and reaching your goals. Ready to GLOW!

Duration: 20 classes, 20 Minutes, 20 Days

In Studio Series

If you crave longer classes and the strengthening and lengthening benefits of a balanced, intelligent full-body Pilates class – this series is for you. Classes are between 40-60 minutes, a perfect blend of strength, burn, mobility, and stretch, full body, and addictive. Transport me to the Studio.

Duration: 40-60 Minutes

Everything you need to get started


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