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Essential Arms 1 - Perfect the Push-up

with Elise

“I know this is beginner friendly, but I want you to feel like you are really working those arms”

Standing push-ups are one of my go-to’s for building arm strength safely. We use the ball to amplify the workout and take what we learn standing and challenge ourselves on the mat. This workout weaves mobility moments throughout which I love because you get the benefits of strengthening and stretching all in one class.

This workout is beginner friendly but perfect for anyone wanting to perfect the push-up, strengthen the upper body, and dive deeper into some of the key things that make your push-ups successful.

Love how this is short, sweet, and low impact BUT still left my arms feeling well worked out and a little shaky. You need a wall, a mat and your ball. Enjoy x


🪄 Part of a new Pilates Essentials series, beginner-friendly focussed classes perfect for those starting out on their movement journey, or wanting to revisit the fundamentals of alignment, form, and breath to improve the quality of their movement. The magic is in the details.

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