Core activation tutorial 1 - Breath - Movement Society

Core activation tutorial 1 - Breath

with Elise

Take a breath, choose to slow down, and let's connect to our core in this short "tutorial-style" movement class. This series is so easily rushed. It’s usually when I’m in a 1:1 session and where I force the client to slow down connect, listen to my cues, and breathe that they almost always have a breakthrough/uh-huh moment. When teaching online I don’t have you in the room with me, but I filmed this straight after taking a post-natal client for a 1:1 so it was fresh in my head. Like anything, movement is a skill that requires practise so you’re going to get better and better the more you repeat this. Remember, you have me to reach out to if you have any questions.

What breath pattern do you use to activate your core? Are you holding your breath during exercises? Do you race through abs without really feeling anything? Does your lower back take over? Do you want to use your breath like a secret power?

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