This four-part Ball Series can be done as stand-alone workouts, mixed and matched with any other ball series workout, or you can combine all four for a complete full-body workout.

Ball Series – Core

Three of my favourite core exercises to work every part of your abs, from your deep core muscles to your obliques and rectus abdominus. Get a complete abdominal workout using the ball in 3 different positions.

Duration: 15 Minutes

Ball Series – Inner Thighs

An inner thigh burner with a side of abs and glutes using the ball. Some of our favourite go-to MOVEMENT exercises that the body will always love!

Duration: 10 Minutes

Ball Series – Glutes

A quick, fun, effective glute flow using the ball to create both extra challenge and support.

Duration: 10 Minutes

Ball Series – Arms

Using the ball to create stability challenges that intensify the work through your arms, this one is tough! We focus a lot on the triceps and keep building the challenge leaving you burning and shaking right until the end!

Duration: 20 Minutes

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