Discover the amazing benefits of the movement ball and try some of our favourite Pilates ball classes.

You will need: Movement Ball, Mat

Full Body Ball Love

30-minute full-body Pilates using the MOVEMENT Ball for every move. A little extra attention to the Abs & Arms!

Duration: 30 Minutes

Adore your Core

360-degree core using the ball. Overball Abs, Spicy C-Curve, Elbow to Knee Obliques, and Double flex chest lifts are some of the moves in focus. This one gave me sore abs!

Duration: 25 Minutes

In Studio

This one tricks you into thinking it’s going to be easy but the sneaky burn is real. Expect to stretch, mobilise, burn and challenge your entire body. Allow yourself to enjoy the stretch moments and push through the burn moments. You are going to feel amazing after this one. Extra side-bending benefits may mean sore abs and inner thighs after this one.

Duration: 40 Minutes

Abs & Inner Thighs

Cool fact: Your core and inner thighs are connected and they work synergistically. Stronger inner-thighs = stronger core.This 30-Minute Flow will superset the two muscle groups. It’s a match made in heaven and I hope you love it

Duration: 30 Minutes

Side Abs and Obliques

I crushed so hard on the side core section from the 45-minute full-body that I created a 15-minute “core” focussed workout (so if you prefer short and focused workouts) you don’t miss out. My side abs are hummmming and I’m pretty sure I started slurring my words towards the end haha

Duration: 15 Minutes

In Studio 4

Every move uses the peach ball in this full-body 40 minute Pilates flow. You will feel equally lengthened, strengthened and challenged in this “intermediate” level flow. Arms & abs get a little extra attention but your entire body will be challenged with this one.

Duration: 40 Minutes

Signature Core

When you are short of time but want a thoughtful core series that both opens the chest and strengthens the core. Using just your MVMT ball, this 10-minute “Overball” abs series builds up the burn in layers, making it beginner-friendly and fun.

Duration: 10 Minutes

Leg Envy

Low-Impact Leg Sculpting. Some of my go-to leg burners. This will sculpt the front, back, and inner thighs leaving you with stronger legs in just 20 minutes.

Duration: 20 Minutes

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