In Studio 7 - Ball Bliss - Movement Society

In Studio 7 - Ball Bliss

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

Full Body Pilates flow using just your ball

This one tricks you into thinking it's going to be easy but the sneaky burn is real.

Expect to stretch, mobilise, burn and challenge your entire body. Allow yourself to enjoy the stretch moments and push through the burn moments. You are going to feel amazing after this one. Extra side-bending benefits may mean sore abs and inner thighs after this one.

Don't be fooled by the gentle opening bridging sequence. It is preparing your spine for all the spicy abdominal goodness to come. A delicious and complementary mix of stretch, strength, tone and sculpt. Highlighting just how versatile the MVMT ball is. A little preview of only some of the moves you'll master in this. Enjoy x

Ps. I LOVED the side abs in this series so much that I created a shorter focussed variation called Side Abs focus. This is the longer OG version that left us all shaking, sore and wanting more!

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