Workout with WelleCo and The Movement Society.

The ultimate swap is here with our 6-part series collaboration with WelleCo. Let me show you why swapping your pilates ball for Nourishing Protein tins might be the swap you are looking for!


Pelvic Tilt

STEP 1: Begin lying on your back, arms by your side, knees bent. Place one heel on top of your Nourishing Protein tin and the other foot flat on the ground beside it.

STEP 2: Peel your spine up and off the ground segmentally until the weight is balanced between your shoulder blades. Roll your spine back down vertebrae-by-vertebrae to your start position.

CHALLENGE: Repeat in single leg. First, try with your leg bent at 90 degrees, then for more challenge extend the leg straight. Hello Hamstrings!


Shoulder Bridge

STEP 1: Perform each leg position peeling up and hinging up. First with the foot down, then with the leg in table top and finally with the leg extended straight to the ceiling.

STEP 2: To challenge your core. Hold your bridge position as you lower and lift the opposite leg. First start with a bent leg and then advance by straightening the leg.

CHALLENGE: Try leg circles, your goal is keeping your hips stable, square and lifted as you move.


The Teaser

STEP 1: Begin lying on your back, arms overhead and the Nourishing Protein tin behind one heel.

STEP 2: Lift your hands above your head and roll up segmentally to a tall seated position sliding the tin towards your body. Return to start position.

CHALLENGE: Bend your opposite knee or use a straight leg to hover whilst you repeat this movement. To really challenge yourself, place the tin between your feet and lift arms and legs into a teaser “V” position.


Rolling Like A Ball

STEP 1: Place the Nourishing Protein Tin between your ankles. From a tall seated position, lift your feet off the mat, scoop abdominals and creating a ‘round flexed position’. Your weight balanced just behind your sit bones.

STEP 2: Begin holding your thighs for support. Maintain the round shape of your body as roll back and fourth.

STEP 3: Increase the challenge by placing the tin behind the legs, or between the elbows and knees. To really step it up – grab a second tin and combine the two.

CHALLENGE: Straighten your legs and complete your rolling action. First try with your hands holding your ankles. Then, see if you can keep the tin between your hands and shins.


The Roll Up

STEP 1: Begin in a tall seated position with legs straight and the Super Elixir Protein Tin in your hands. Roll spine segmentally to the mat. Arc arms up and overhead. To return, lift arms up first, then continue to roll yourself back up and over towards your toes, before re-stacking back to a tall seated position.

STEP 2: Repeat with arms remaining overhead the whole time, or add a second tin under your ankles.

CHALLENGE: Once you have rolled back onto the ground, lift your legs up to a 90-degree angle, then carefully over your head to a roll over position.




Tendon Stretch

STEP 1: Begin seated with hands shoulder distance apart, fingers facing forward. The Nourishing Protein Tin should rest on the fleshy part of your calf when the leg is straight. Supporting leg bend.

STEP 2: From your seated position. Drive through your supporting heel and lift hips, heart and chest off floor so that your body creates a long diagonal. Lower back to start position.

STEP 3: Take it to the next level by rolling the tin underneath you as you move up and down.

CHALLENGE: Raise your right leg to a 90-degree angle, and straighten it as you continue to repeat the exercise.