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Tricep Infused Full Body Ball Flow

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

Sophia's (Full-Body) Ball Flow

My beautiful cousin Sophie (who is a fellow Yoga and Pilates teacher) requested this full-body ball flow. It targets every inch of your body (especially your triceps!). We start at the wall for standing push-ups and inner-thighs, then head down to the mat for a full-body flow to finish. If you think standing push-ups are easy - you gotta try this!

We perfect the push-up by taking it standing at the wall, adding the ball for a little instability and fun. Expect to shake and burn, and enjoy a bonus calf stretch/strengthening melody between. It’s then a quick (but intense) standing inner-thighs and quad burner with the ball between the thighs in an upright squat.

Down to the mat to continue the inner-thigh trend, but in bridging. Then challenge it with a single-leg bridging sequence. Super-setting into side-lying and quadruped flow (with a cheeky side of balance). We transition from side to side with a prone tricep challenge. We then move into abs (c-curve and overall).

Finishing with a serious grand finale of arm grand finales. Push-ups with the ball - 4 ways. Ouch! My arms were SO sore after this one.

Thanks for the Inspo Sophia and I hope you guys enjoy it!
Elise x

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