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Standing Leg 360 Sculpt

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

360 Leg Toning Alert!

You will need all the props from your toning toolkit, and a chair/mat for this 35-Minute Sculpt Fest. Think of this a standing legs 360 - no part missed, and just for good measure some sneaky upper-body challenges to balance out your lower-body toning.

Your Legs 360 POA:

  • Up first, your thighs with a side of arms using the long band.
  • Second, inner-thighs on fire using your ball and chair.
  • Third, glutes with a side of triceps using the gliders and loop.
  • Four, outer thighs using the loop and chair
  • Finale, wide bridging on the mat finisher using the loop. *
  • Reward, a beautiful glute and hamstring stretch to leave you lengthened, strengthened, and ready to conquer the day!

Enjoy, Love Elise & Bub x

*This workout contains bridging lying on your back. If that doesn’t feel comfortable or appropriate for your body, you can skip this section or perform the exercise standing. 

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