5 Day Reset Day 2: Legs 360 - The Movement Society

5 Day Reset Day 2: Legs 360

MVMT Pilates
with Holly

Legs 360 with Holly

Prepare your lower body to sizzle and burn from every angle in this 25 minute Legs 360 workout with Holly. Over oh so quick and on the mat so you still feel Energize to take on the rest of the day!

Sculpting tools: Mat, no props necessary! (if you have ankle weights they are a great add on of you please)

Hitting your legs from every angle is the name of the game in this 360 leg workout. Working one leg at a time we start off burning the inner thigh, then the outer thigh and glute and then hit the back of the leg with a round for your hamstring and back pocket muscles in your peach.

The finale is a double leg from of the leg thigh burner to finish off the 360 around your legs.

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