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Full Body Ball Pilates in 30

with Elise

Client Request Alert. I combined two client requests into one beautiful workout.

  1. Core work that doesn't include chest lift
  2. Full Body workouts using the MVMT Ball

Inspired by a request for "No-Crunch Core" and "Ball Workouts". I took this idea and created a full-body workout that takes you through every plane of motion.

I love how this makes my body feel. It is a delicious blend of stretch and strength that will satisfy your entire body (highlighting how epic the MVMT ball is)!

A full-body flow that uses the ball strategically to challenge your entire body in 30-Minutes. You will discover fresh ways to challenge your core without crunches. You will strengthen your entire body, especially your core stabilising muscles and obliques.

We take a twist on the traditional supine series, sidelying, book openings, sideplank and prone. These variations are inspired by the spine corrector and barrel from the studio Pilates repertoire.

Everyone. Including postnatal and prenatal (trimester 1) who want to avoid crunch and abdominal work that overloads the rectus abdominis. Really great for anyone wanting to improve posture and spinal mobility. E.g. Office workers, Cyclists, Mums Nursing Bubs - anyone who finds themselves rounded throughout the day as this workout focuses on mobility in side bending, rotation and extension. Moving in all different planes will help strengthen the core whilst also balancing the rounded position the spine is in throughout the day.

🤰🤱 Pre/Post Natal: Remove the ball from under the chest in the prone (lying on your stomach) series if it isn't comfortable due to tender breasts). Alternatively, you can deflate the ball or skip.

🤰 Trimester 2/3: If you skip the prone and supine (lying on your back) sections, all the other variations are wonderful

Enjoy x

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