Join the party, your 7-day Peach Perks Challenge is here.
It’s never been easier to stay accountable!

Thought you couldn’t possibly fit one more party into December? This 7-day peach party is one you won’t want to miss! (Instead of a hangover the next morning you’re left with strong perky glutes).

Starting this Monday we challenge you with a new workout every day until Sunday. Your workouts are bite-sized so you can fit them into even your busiest day.

Holding you accountable are your MVMT trainers, who will be right there completing the Peach Perks challenge with you!

7 days will fly by and you will be strutting into the holiday period feeling all kinds of strong, fit, and peachy goodness!


  • 7 Virtual MVMT glute workouts that will leave your peach feeling its strongest ever, right in time for the holidays.
  • 1x 60-minute full-body MVMT Pilates workout to compliment your glute workouts.
  • 1x Glute stretch and release video you can use throughout the week to balance out all of that strengthening.
  • Join your MVMT trainers and community for motivation each day from Monday 7th Dec.
  • Can’t make it this week? That’s ok, as a Virtual MVMT member your 7-day Peach Perks challenge will be accessible for you to do whenever suits you!

The Peach Perks Challenge is free for Virtual MVMT Members to complete anytime. Not a Virtual MVMT Member? Sign up now!



A plan backed by action will see results.
7 days will fly by and you will be strutting into the holiday period feeling all kinds of strong, fit and full of peachy goodness!

Glutes Gone Wild
with Elise

If you want glutes in 15-minutes, you will love this. All you need is a loop and your mat. This glute super-set strategy will leave the entire peach on fire. #tightasstuesday

Elise x

Barre x Peach
with Holly

Hit your ASSets Barre style! This one serves you non stop peach perking while weaving in heart rate lifting cardio moments to keep the intensity up from start to finish!

Pump your favourite tunes and enjoy!

Booty x Nimble
with Chloe

I am very excited to share this workout! Nimble has the official launch of their new collection and I was lucky enough to collaborate and create a workout for them to share.

Nothing but pure booty goodness for you to enjoy. Let me know how you go ?.

3 Rounds Booty
with Elise
25 Mins + 3 min stretch

OK this is fun! There are three “rounds”. ? Each round builds on from the last, progressing from and preparing you for the next to ensure all the right muscles fire up effectively and efficiently.

Expect your entire seat on fire! ???

Peach 3 Ways
with Holly
30 Minutes

A fun signature MVMT 30 minute peach burner from 3 different angles with Holly and Elise. Originally filmed for All Fenix Activewear you get all of our collaborations in one spot!

Standing Booty
with Chloe
10 Minutes

A quick 10-minute standing glute series to fire up your glutes vertically! Squat and sliding galore ? No better way to strengthen and tone your lower body, while really challenging your balance and coordination.

xoxo Enjoy

Tastes like Peach
with Elise
23 Minutes

Quick and Sculpty Burn. Your final booty banger! You will need a Loop and Glider. Start on the mat and finish standing with 5 moves that taste like peach.

Enjoy x

Full In-studio Experience (from home)
with Elise
60 Minutes

A full hour of Pilates power with a little extra focus on the peach. You will strengthen, lengthen and tone every inch of the body in this one. We take time to set you up so you perform the moves correctly (trust me you will feel it in all the right places!).
Layered for all levels and designed to be repeated over and over.

with Holly
23 Minutes

Balance out your buns of steel with some peach lovin’. Oh so Important to keep your glute working optimally.

Keeping you feeling strong but mobile throughout your 7-day challenge.