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Reformer Legs

Sweat & Sculpt
with Elise

This is a reformer-inspired lower body sculpt featuring your MOVEMENT gliders. The around-the-world scooter variation is ☠️! Perfect for anyone wanting a strong standing flow with low-impact cardio elements sprinkled throughout. I push us with extra reps and really take us to the shake zone. I love that we can replicate all the goodness of machines with just one gliding disc! 

We warm up your legs with second position “footwork”. Sneak in some standing core side bending before taking on the main event which is a scooter flow I am crushing on hard. I found a delicious side stretch performed seated at the chair, stay till the end for it. It’s a goodie to do when you’re at your desk to break up the hunching and release tightness through the lats. Tight muscles that run along the sides of our bodies can lead to back and shoulder pain. Loved this flow - hope you enjoy! x

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