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Melting Mobility Moment

with Elise


Stiff spine? Head, neck and shoulder tension? Do this for your spine.

This 10-Minute mobility stretch includes mermaid and book openings. Two of the most incredible spine mobilising exercises you need to do more. Notice how in just 10-Minutes you can release tension (in your head, neck, and shoulders) as well as unlock more mobility in Two exercises: Book openings (Upper back rotation) Mermaid (Side bending) Seated Modifications: Mermaid starts from a seated Z-Sit which isn't always appropriate and available. If you find this start position uncomfortable, use a block, bolster, or book to elevate your hips and provide a more supported seated position.

This is your 5 day reset bonus workout. Not doing the 5 Day Reset program but want to know more? You can join that or any of our other programs to do anytime anywhere by clicking on the Virtual MVMT Programs tab in the Virtual MVMT drop down on our homepage. The perfect way to stay accountable and reach your virtual workout goals!

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