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Go-to Upper Back

with Elise

This is one of my go-to signature prone (lying on your stomach) upper-back strengthening combos. I call the combo "reverse hundreds" and "longest possible line" - the perfect pair for really turning up the burn in your upper-back, triceps and simultaneously opening your chest and reversing the "hunch" associated with rounded posture. This exercise combo strengthens the back extensor muscles, improves circulation, and boosts endurance, stability, and strength. It will leave your entire upper back and triceps humming.

This 6-minute no-prop upper-back focussed posture quickie is a MUST add to your weekly schedule. You will find it in lots of my full-body flows (as it is dynamic, fun and extremely effective).

A Go-to duo:
1. Prone Hundreds
2. The longest possible line (aka death hold) is the perfect finisher

All you need is 6 minutes! No props for this one.

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