Ball Quickie 2 (Waist) - The Movement Society

Ball Quickie 2 (Waist)

MVMT Pilates
with Holly

Second in a series of 3 ball quickies each focusing on a different part of the abdominals, Ball Quickie 2 focuses on the waist. This is a great 10 minute ab and waist burner by itself or do it with Ball Quickie 1 and/or Ball Quickie 3 for a 20/30 minute choose your own adventure all encompassing ab workout!

Side Planks are one of my favourite ways to target the waist and side body, we start with these after a nice warm up to prepare the core and upper body before moving into side lifts which challenge both your strength and balance! A fun little challenge at the end of each side gives you something to work towards and a reason to repeat this fun mini workout until you nail the final challenge each time!

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