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30 Minute - Abs & Inner thighs

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

EARLY ACCESS: 30 Minute Pilates - Abs & Inner thighs

I posted a sneaky preview of this on socials after filming it. AND one of my favourites has asked me soooo many times when is it coming. I love that - so early release of this one. I hope you love it!

Abs & Inner-thighs Superset.

Cool fact: Your core and inner thighs are connected and they work synergistically. Stronger inner-thighs = stronger core.This 30-Minute Flow will superset the two muscle groups. It's a match made in heaven and I hope you love it
.〰️ Ball and Mat
〰️ Horizontal (all mat no standing)
〰️ Your entire core (upper, lower, obliques) will be targeted

I film weeks in advance because I need time to edit, upload, web, schedule, and Facebook and I like to be ahead. BUT - anything for you guys. I hope you love it.

Elise x

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