An explosive 5 Day Challenge

Inspired by your feedback, requests and favourite ‘focussed’ workouts.
We’ve set a 5 Day plan to each day target a body part.
Each workout builds up to a challenge ending. You might re-think the phrase “just a minute”. #firecrackerfinishes

Who is up for the challenge?


  • 5 focussed Virtual MVMT workouts that will target every inch of your body, with a 1 minute challenge to keep you on your toes.
  • 1x bonus stretch release video you can use throughout the week to balance out all of that strengthening.
  • Join any time. As a Virtual MVMT member your 5-day Target n Tone program will be accessible for you to do whenever suits you!

The Target n Tone program is free for Virtual MVMT Members to complete anytime. Not a Virtual MVMT Member? Sign up now!

Your 5-day program starts now!

Ask any questions via our Facebook community and share your workout picks or completed checklist on the gram and let us know you’re in.

Download the 5-day checklist as another fun tool to keep you accountable!

TNT Legs
with Holly
30 Minutes

Start your 5 day Target N Tone Program with a bang! This one is guaranteed to have you burning in the first 5 minutes.

We use the ball and gliders to hit the legs from every angle:

  • Bridging (hamstrings and inner thighs)
  • Side-lying inner thigh
  • Thigh stretch (front of the leg)
  • Lunging (all over leg and glutes with extra ankle stabilisation challenges that bring max burn factor!)
  • Wide squats (name a part of the leg it doesn’t hit, I dare you!)

Can you make it to the end without stopping?

with Elise

I feel like you will come out of this workout with a six-pack. You will slide, crunch, rotate, side bend, side roll, roll up, roll down, roll like a ball, squeeze, hold, burn and maybe swear at points. It is fun, challenging and filled with some fresh new variations to challenge your core. Don’t give up before the firecracker finisher.

TNT Arms
with Holly

Here comes armageddon!

Coming in hot with your guns blazing starting with waiter’s arms to wake up the rotator cuffs and to keep your shoulders happy and healthy throughout all those challenges. Then we move to single-arm side lifts and target the outside of the arm. Next up is tricep dips before we come up to standing for a chest and front of arm set then repeat it, then a tricep and back set repeated. We finish by taking you back down to the mat for the back hundred in prone – one last tricep bomb. Then can you guess what the 1 minute explosive finisher with be in this one??

TNT Glutes
with Elise

Ok, this is 50% Standing: 50% Mat. (100% Booty Burn!) Your arms will love that we start standing. Kick start your booty burn with a single-leg sliding series. I promise it will challenge your stamina, balance and build some serious booty burn.

You are already over the halfway point once you hit the mat. It is a 3-Part Seat Sizzle (think 3 Dimensional Booty Burn) using just your MVMT loop. Your toosh will be well and truly marinated ready for your grand finale 1-Minute Firecracker Finish. Can you guess what it will be?

TNT Full Body
with Chloe
30 Minutes

Yay! You have made it to your last day of the challenge! One more to go … and you are done 😍 This workout is going to challenge you. Every inch of your body will be feeling the fire and burn throughout. Glutes, arms, core and legs… we are going to find every little muscle.

TNT Stretch
with Chloe
13 Minutes

Welcome to your bonus stretch 😍. Well done on an amazing job so far in the challenge! You can do this video as much or as little as you like throughout the challenge – I love to do it before each workout so I can really get the most out of my body.

Your body is going to love you after this. Expect to feel more mobile and lengthened out.

The Toning Toolkit

What makes Virtual MVMT really hit the spot for your online workouts? The toning toolkit is your secret weapon to hit every single muscle while at home or away. All kept in a cute little neoprene bag but don’t be fooled, the sculpting tools in your toning toolkit will take your burn to new levels!

Want a toning toolkit to add to your workouts?