We created a 4-Part prop free workout for the 30 Day Super Elixir Challenge. Check it out.

Series 1 – Upper Body

For anyone who wants to strengthen and tone their upper back and arms (while simultaneously opening their chest) in 5 minutes. No props needed for this two-part upper-body blast. Target: Triceps, Back, Posture. Time: 7 Minutes.

Series 2 – Lower Body

A lower-body bridging sequence targeting your glutes, hamstrings and inner-thighs. You won’t need a magic circle to feel your inner-thighs in this series.  Target: Inner-thighs, Hamstrings, Glutes. Time: 5 Minutes.?Wanna make it a game?

Grab a credit card and think of a purchase you want. Now place the credit card between your inner thighs. If you can keep it there until the very last sequence where we add open/close leg movements… you deserve to make that purchase. If the credit card drops… repeat (and still buy it).


Series 3 – Core

Side planks are the exercise to do for a strong core. Moving into side-bending and rotation – is so important for spinal health. So if chiselling your waist isn’t enough – it will also build upper-body & glute strength. Take 5 Minutes to strengthen your core. Target: Everywhere. Time: 5 Minutes.

Series 4 – Standing Sculpt

You deserve Toned ?and??to go with your stronger core.  You will strengthen the buns & guns in less than 10-minutes. All you need is a wall. Target: Peach, Triceps. Time: 10 Minutes.