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The Body – Our collab with Super Elixir

We created a 4-Part prop free workout for the 30 Day Super Elixir Challenge. Check it out. Series 1 - Upper Body For anyone who wants to strengthen and tone their upper back and arms (while simultaneously opening their chest) in 5 minutes. No props needed for this two-part upper-body blast. Target: Triceps, Back, Posture. [...]

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Strength and release masterclass

Coming Soon: Strength and Release Masterclass. Aches and pain? Tight hips, back, glutes, shoulders? We want to share our solution to releasing tight, over-active muscles and tension to then strengthening the deep core stabilising muscles. You will get: 90 Minute Masterclass MVMT Release Ball Release plan. For easy and effective at-home maintenance. Book [...]

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MVMT Masterclass Alert: Advanced Mat

Who's up for the challenge?  We will be hosting a special 90-minute MVMT Masterclass for all of those healthy bodies out there. Join us as we dive into some of Pilates more advanced repertoire that will challenge both the mind and body, followed by a cool down and stretch before you head into the weekend. [...]

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MVMT Masterclass Alert

 MVMT Super-Sculpt In celebration of The Movement Society turning TWO. (And it's Christmas). We want to invite our members to a free 90-minute MVMT extravaganza. This won't be your typical MVMT Class, we are mixing things up and have something special planned. - Date: Sat 23rd Dec. Time: 8:00am - 9:30am Location: MVMT Mosman Park Book: [...]

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Glide Into MVMT – Save 50% Off Your First Class.

Glide into MVMT (& get your first class 1/2 price). Want to add a side of Pilates to your yoga schedule? Glide Yoga clients save 50% off Movement Society classes for the month of August. Use the special discount link below & SAVE 50% on your first MVMT Class.  Step 1: Purchase Discount Below. [...]

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Why it never gets “easier”.

You are getting Stronger. We keep making it harder. A little reminder.. You are Amazing. We just wanted to confirm; You are all getting stronger and the classes have been getting harder. If you’re thinking maybe you’re not improving… or you are not flexible or strong enough, let me stop you right there. [...]

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3 Resistance Band Exercises For A Strong, Perky Butt

GLUTE GONE WILD You Will Need: MVMT Band MVMT Mat Grab your Band & Try these 3 Cheeky Exercises. Yes, this is a Booty Call. SHOP MVMT BAND 01 Quadruped Pulses Place MVMT-Band around your outer thighs just above your knees. Begin in a [...]

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