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Standing Glutes Quickie 3 - Quadruped

Sweat & Sculpt
with Elise

We decrease the base of support to increase the balance challenge and load to your single-leg stamina. AKA you remove a hand from the chair one and time (intensifying the burn,

Standing "Quadruped" with the ball behind the knee. This is a fav exercise of mine. Work up to a balance position and notice how removing the support of the chair really intensifies the burn, shakes and balance/concentration face. That and the reps. hehe. 

It is just one exercise (standing quadruped aka ball behind the knee cap) with 3 variations. I was surprised at how much cheek burn I was feeling in such a short time. Reminded me how much I like standing glute work and how I need/want to do more.

You will need: Chair, Ball & 10-Minutes. This is no cardio, completely standing and can be used as stand-alone (pardon the pun) or mix and match with some horizontal mat work x

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