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Prenatal Yoga - Happy hips, happy baby

with Sophie

Happy hips, happy baby.
​You will need:

  • No props
  • Blocks or pillows/bolster as you progress in your pregnancy.

Energy level - Low 
Stage of pregnancy - Suitable and recommended for all

We remain in a seated position for the entirety of this class, it's restorative, gentle and geared towards those low energy days where you want to move but don't have the energy to come to standing. 
We start seated in cross-legged or double pigeon for a restorative glute stretch and hip circles to release tight hips, piriformis and glut medius, caused by increasing strain by growing baby, putting the spine into lordosis (that arch forward). 

We then move into a wide legged forward fold which stretches the inner thighs and hamstrings, but also opens the pelvis for birth preparation and promotes elasticity of the perineum and vaginal tissue, which helps increase blood flow to the pelvis. We say in prenatal yoga to take a big step back with the intensity of your stretching, so remember to bring your legs much closer together than you usually would in this pose and use pillows, blankets and blocks to assist you. 

Finishing up in pigeon pose and malasana (Hindi squat) for a final effort to target all areas of the hips, glutes and lower body. I love squatting in prenatal yoga, it is a natural birth position, so it opens the pelvis to its widest and creates the perfect angle of descent for the baby in relation to gravity, it also helps to increase the mobility of the pelvic and hip joints and to bring the pelvis into the right postural position in relation to the spine, helping to relieve tension in the lower back.

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