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Prenatal Yoga - Strong Legs & Supple Side-Body

with Sophie

You will need:

  • No Props
  • Blocks or pillows/bolster as you progress in your pregnancy

Energy level - High
Stage of pregnancy -Suitable for all, recommended for the second. 

A more dynamic vinyasa flow geared towards those days when you're feeling strong, mummas!  We warm up by opening the back body and thoracic spine on all fours with cat/cows and thread the needle. Our flow then explores a low lunge variation with a chest and back body opener and then more active standing postures such as wide-legged forward fold and horse stance (Goddess), adding arm variations such as eagle wrap and side-body stretches. As you grow and progress in pregnancy, you won't want to fold as deeply, this is where blocks, tupper-ware containers and/or pillows come in handy, place them under your hands to lift you away from the floor and support you in a more upright position.

We explore longer holds in Warrior 2 and a gentle tricep and side body variation here. These standing postures build endurance in the legs and inner thighs, while opening up through the upper back, shoulders and neck. We then land in pyramid pose for a nice long hold to release the hamstrings, ITB and back. 

Finally, we ground down in malasana (hindi squat) and a seated side-body stretch. 

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