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Prenatal Yoga - Dynamic hips & heart flow

with Sophie

You will need:

  • No props
  • Blocks or pillows/bolster as you progress in your pregnancy

Energy level - High
Stage of pregnancy -Suitable for all, recommended for second

A more dynamic vinyasa flow geared towards those days when you're feeling strong, mummas! 

Our standing flow moves smoothly from three-legged dog to a high crescent lunge, preparing the legs for balance in Warrior 3. If Warrior 3 balance is too challenging, you can always have your hands on blocks (on their highest setting) or use the wall to support you, I also offer the option of keeping your back toes on the floor. We move into the stronger standing balance of figure four glute stretch and flow our way back to downward facing dog before repeating the flow on the second side. 

Our second round of movement incorporates the same basic flow, but we have the option to progress with a deep chest and shoulder stretch in arrow-head and Warrior 3. 

We then slow down the flow and settle into the legs and hips with lizard lunge and a quadricep stretch in kneeling low lunge. 

Before finishing with some side-body stretches such as gate pose and supported side plank. 

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