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Prenatal Pilates - Full Body Mat 2

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

This takes you in a seated full circle. I love that you start and end seated – such a beautiful opportunity to really feel how much taller and stronger you feel (and sit) after movement. This workout is all on the mat and uses just your MVMT long band (a long band, horizontal flow!).

We challenge the glutes, arms and entire body in some of our signature moves. Seated Rowing, our signature glute superset using the long band and seated chest-opening tricep dips are some of the highlight moves on the menu.

Seated rowing is a winner for combatting bad posture. This sequence will strengthen your back muscles improving your posture which is especially important as the weight of your belly grows. You are going to appreciate your strong back, improved posture and strong, stable glutes throughout your pregnancy and when bub arrives.


  • Finding an ideal seated position where your pelvis is neutral for seated rows is important. Elevating your pelvis by sitting on a block or rolled up mat if you feel tight through your lower back or hamstrings.
  • Adjust band tension (tie smaller or remove completely).

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