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Prenatal Pilates - Strong Mumma Standing 1

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

A fun, strong, and satisfying standing sculpt workout, guaranteed to fill you with feel-good full-body endorphins. We workout using the wall and chair to support you and your growing belly. We kick off with a delicious calf stretch + push-up combo at the wall that will convert you to opt for standing push-ups every chance you get! We take moves you traditionally performed on the mat upright and standing, to support your growing belly and therefore your core!

The standing push-ups will lengthen your calves, improve your ankle stability and strength and improve your upper body strength. Your arms will be shaking!

We glide into a serious glute burn with a standing scooter series at the chair. Prioritising your hips staying stable in single leg work is especially important during pregnancy. The gliding discs are the perfect gateway to single leg load and this scooter series is a go-to for building glute activation safely. We keep the choreography simple and layer in the challenge with a spicy balance at the end. We use seated triceps and some satisfying seated stretches as a “break” between sides.

Finishing with a thigh burner with the ball between the inner thighs. If there’s any pain through pubic bone, your can remove the ball. Low-impact, high burn and pregnancy must move!

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