In Studio 3 - Posture Game Strong - Movement Society

In Studio 3 - Posture Game Strong

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

We start standing (but it’s only for 5-Minutes) then it is a horizontal full body flow on the mat. A little extra upper-body, arms, mobility to loosen tightness through hips, back and chest and back-body strengthening exercises that promote better posture, more open hips and a general feeling of being stronger, taller and balanced head to toe.

What makes this special:
〰️ Standing Arms
〰️ Cat/Cow + Push-ups
〰️ Overball Abs
〰️ Ballerina Bridging - 1st & 2nd Position Booty Burn
〰️ Prone Upper Back - "Do it for your delts"
〰️ Sea-Saw Rotisserie
〰️ Bookopening-Mobility- SidePlank-Mermaid

You will need your: MVMT Ball, Long Band & Loop for this x

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