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Horizontal Full Body Sculpt

Sweat & Sculpt
with Elise

Horizontal Full Body Sculpt (Pilates Style) - 23 Minutes.

You will fit a full body class into 23 minutes -Sculpt (no stretches). We get straight into it. Transitioning from one move to the next. Quick intentional prop changes to intensify each movement.

Love all of this, especially the gliding abs. My abs and obliques were humming. Worth the dirty sock sitch which I am blaming on Jumanji. (Chasing puppy around the backyard).

Line up:

💜 Bridging for inner thighs

💜 Gliding abs for serious burn

💜 Rotisserie for the glutes and hamstrings

💜 Prone for arms and back

💜 Triceps push-ups to finish the arms

💜 Cute stretch because you deserve it x

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