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Full Body Sculpt in 45

Sweat & Sculpt
with Holly

Full Body Sculpt in 45
MVMT "Sculpt" classes are all about putting what we learn horizontally on the mat into practice with more functional standing variations. What this means, is that you learn techniques that help you move better in everyday life movements AND get a higher intensity full-body burn!
This sculpt class looks like:

  • Spinal mobilty
  • Tricep dips
  • Inner thigh focused squats and parallel plies
  • Hovers
  • Roll ups into teasers
  • Elbow to ball to knee abdominals
  • Single arms rows and triceps
  • Single leg standing glutes
  • Planking flow
  • Mobility

Have fun and pump your favourite tunes to motivate you through the challenges of your MVMT Sculpt workout!

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