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Sweat quickie - Side Seat HEAT!

Sweat & Sculpt
with Elise

Standing Sweat Quickie 1: Glutes

Cardio & Burn in 10 minutes

A cardio-infused standing quickie that will get your heart rate up and side seat burning and all in just 9-minutes. Add your loop to intensify the glute burn or go prop-free if you have no equipment handy. This standing set is broken into “sculpt” and “sweat” intervals. Expect cardio/ jumping moments fused with standing burn rounds.

The "sweat rounds" stay the same and the “sculpt rounds” change each time. I love that each sculpt round marinates your glutes (jumping muscles) so you really feel your glutes and hamstrings in the cardio round.

Side note: you can totally do this without jumping. There are jump-free options layered throughout so you can choose a level that suits you. I love and have tried it both ways - definitely left me sweaty, shaky and satisfied.

LMK how you go x

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