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No Prop Full Body Flow

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

30-Minute No Prop Full-body Flow.

A fun, 30-Minute “no-prop” full-body flow. You will move seamlessly from one exercise to the next and cover the entire body in just 30-Minutes. Snuck in some quick stretch moments to break up the strength and toning moments. No props in this one - just you and your mat.

*The audio cuts in/out for just a moment during the inner-thigh series. You can follow my movement!

5 Day Reset Day 1: In this full body no prop Pilates workout with Elise expect your strength work paired with melting mobility moments to give your body some love as we begin this nourishing journey! A perfectly balanced start to your 5 day reset. Not doing the 5 Day Reset program but want to know more? You can join that or any of our other programs to do anytime anywhere by clicking on the Virtual MVMT Programs tab in the Virtual MVMT drop down on our homepage. The perfect way to stay accountable and reach your virtual workout goals!

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