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5 Day Reset Day 1: No Prop Flow

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

30-Minute No Prop Full-body Flow.

Day 1: In this full body no prop Pilates workout with Elise expect your strength work paired with melting mobility moments to give your body some love as we begin this nourishing journey! A perfectly balanced start to your 5 day reset.

Not doing your reset? This is still one our fave workouts to do anytime!

A fun, 30-Minute “no-prop” full-body flow. You will move seamlessly from one exercise to the next and cover the entire body in just 30-Minutes. Snuck in some quick stretch moments to break up the strength and toning moments. No props in this one - just you and your mat.

*The audio cuts in/out for just a moment during the inner-thigh series. You can follow my movement!

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