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In Studio Flow: Ball and Loop

MVMT Pilates
with Holly

In Studio Flow: Ball and Loop (35 minutes)A full body class similar to what you might get in the studio with lots of abs and ass! Expect to see:

  • A hip-opening stretch that flows into ball under sacrum abs.
  • Rolling like a ball using the peach ball to keep you honest.
  • An unexpected ab burner with the head down.
  • Finishing off your abs with a strong flexion ab round wand maximum 🔥.
  • Briding with loop in two different leg positions, hello ass!
  • Side lying with loop and a little mobility surprise afterwards while you recover.
  • An upper back snack to balance out your spine and improve posture after all of the ab work earlier.
  • A fun moving plank finisher with lots of options to keep you both supported and challenged!

A collection of some of my favourite moves, which are your faves?

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