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Holiday Upper Body & Core - Prenatal Edition

Live Class
with Elise

Filming in the picturesque Coral Bay at 31 Weeks Pregnant an Upper Body and Core Workout Safe for All Trimesters. (Great one for Postnatal too!)

This is a prenatal holiday series workout with a focus on the Upper Body and Core. I’m filming in the picturesque Coral Bay at 31 Weeks Pregnant. Broken into two parts - 10 Minutes Standing, 10 Minutes Mat. I've added chapters if you want to break this workout up into two parts.

Part 1 - We start standing and use our long band to work the entire upper back with extra emphasis on the postural muscles. Waiter Arms, Overhead Triceps, John Travolta, Rows, and finish with a fiery Tricep Trio. 

Part 2 - We finish on the mat with our ball fusing upper body strength and core stability in a quadruped melody. The push-up countdown finisher really got me! My triceps were sore after this one! Enjoy the view. I snuck a quick drone video snapshot of the beautiful location at the end of the video. The cutest part is when Max features. x

You will need a mat, Long Band and Ball.

Love it? Pair with Holiday Lower Body - Prenatal Edition.

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