How do I access Virtual MVMT if I am an in-studio member?

In-studio members receive complimentary Virtual MVMT access.

If you have a current in-studio membership through Mindbody, please email us for assistance in creating a Virtual MVMT login.


What is our difference?

Our combined passion and experience in movement comes from years of researching, creating, learning, doing and perfecting. We pride ourselves on our ability to create fun, challenging and effective movement sequences that effectively sculpt the body providing the long, lean results you want – without over-training, creating an imbalance or causing injury.

MVMT will improve your life now – and 30 years from now. We mean it when we say MVMT has your back.


What is your late/cancellation policy?

We don’t charge additional cancellation fees (because we know that you missing your class is penalty enough). We do have an 8-hour cancellation window and ask you to do your best to cancel any classes you cannot make (because that means someone else can).

Please reschedule your classes through Mindbody so that someone on the waitlist may take your place.


What do I need to bring?

We encourage members to bring their own toning toolkit and mat to reduce the use of shared props. It is easily portable and handy for your at-home workouts.

If you don’t have the Toning Toolkit and don’t feel ready to purchase that’s also totally fine.  We have everything you need (mats and Toning Toolkits) in the studio to borrow. All are cleaned regularly in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines.

Mat’s are available to purchase if you prefer to have your own. We also recommend grip socks that can be purchased at your first class, or you are welcome to go barefoot.


New Member Form

If you’re an organised person, please complete the New Client Form prior to your first class.

If you’re not an organised person, don’t stress! We will follow you up at your first class.


Do I need to take a beginners class?

No need – our classes are suitable for all levels. 

We promise. Don’t be afraid of being a beginner. We layer in the level of difficulty so that you and your body always have the option to work at your own pace.

We ask for you to complete a new member form which includes a section to tell us about your experience, goals and if you have any injuries. Completion of this form alerts our instructors of any modifications needed to ensure you have a safe and successful movement experience. Please notify your instructor before the class of any injuries or limitations, and we will ensure to give you the appropriate modifications.