What if I have a past injury, ache or pain?2020-08-11T20:28:35+08:00

Please always let the instructor know at the beginning of class if there are any issues, even if they know about your injury, if it is not feeling good that day. Let the instructor know if you have a past injury, have had surgery or if there is an area or exercise you need to avoid. They will make sure to give you alternatives during the class. If you have had an acute injury or have had surgery we recommend booking a private session before attending group classes.

How do I sign up for Virtual MVMT?2020-08-11T20:16:54+08:00

Having trouble using the “Buy Now” Button our website. You are not alone – sorry! We have just been informed that there are some issues with Mindbody and our website (totally annoying and totally mind-body fault). If you experience any issues signing up, please get in touch so we can help or use the following (tried and tested) sign up alternatives.

Alternatively, you can try these:

Sign up directly using the MVMT App. 

  1. Download the MVMT App.
  2. Purchase the Virtual Membership from the “Buy Now” Service menu to the left.
  3. The app makes booking virtual classes easy (plus you get secret discount code notifications first).


Sign up directly via the Mindbody Website. 

  1. Purchase Virtual Membership online using Mindbody Website.
  2. It might ask you to create a new account (or sign in if you have been to The Movement Society before).

Sorry for the hassle, promise it will be worth it.

Email holly@mvmtsociety.com.au or call us direct, and we will help!

How do I access the Facebook group?2020-08-11T20:15:38+08:00

Request access to our private Facebook group “Virtual MVMT” and unlock the library of content.

Access to our special members-only Facebook community where you get unlimited access to a library of workouts. Fun things to look forward to include:

  • New uploads daily to enjoy anytime, anywhere. A new workout daily is exciting, we keep it fun, fresh, and full of so much workout goodness so you will never get bored or short of workouts to choose.
  • Personalised contact with the MVMT Team. You and your progress are so important to us, we love that we can be part of your online journey. Whether it is struggling with a movement, wanting help finding a personalised workout program to suit your goals, or just wanting to give feedback on a workout you love. You have three dedicated instructors at your fingertips.
  • Weekly Tips and life hacks that help you stay on track, motivated, and inspired. Little things can make the biggest difference.
  • The Facebook group allows us to stay connected, and together we are finding new ways to motivate, inspire, and stay connected. We can’t wait for you to be part of it.

Have your voice heard, what workout are you going to request? Your wish is our command.

Location & Parking2020-08-11T20:12:48+08:00

Classes are held in Lesser Hall
Cottesloe Civic Centre
109 Broome Street,
Cottesloe WA 6011
Get Directions

Parking is available on the corner of Broome and Napier Street (opposite the tennis courts). Classes are held in the Lesser Hall studio, located off Broome street, to the right of the Civic Center’s main entrance.

What is our difference?2020-08-11T20:12:57+08:00

Our combined passion and experience in movement comes from years of researching, creating, learning, doing and perfecting. We pride ourselves on our ability to create fun, challenging and effective movement sequences that effectively sculpt the body providing the long, lean results you want – without over-training, creating an imbalance or causing injury.

MVMT will improve your life now – and 30 years from now. We mean it when we say MVMT has your back.

How to get the most out of the Binge2020-08-11T20:26:36+08:00

We recommend checking in at least three times a week.

Put aside 45 minutes. Schedule it like an appointment that you can’t cancel by creating a weekly routine and selecting the days you can commit to – a plan backed by action will see results.

Obviously the more classes you attend, the greater the reward!

What do I need for the online workouts?2020-08-11T20:06:07+08:00

We have packaged all the props you need for the workouts into a travel-friendly bag. We call it the Toning Toolkit because it literally is exactly that. If you haven’t yet tried our custom props, you are in for a treat. You deserve the best quality fitness equipment.

Additional props we love include:

MVMT Block
MVMT Release Ball

How do I book a class?2020-08-11T20:06:18+08:00

Book multiple classes at once using the MVMT App or via Mindbody online.

What is your late/cancellation policy?2020-08-11T20:06:26+08:00

We understand, stuff happens. If you arrive 5 minutes after the class start time please be considerate of others and tip-toe.

We don’t charge additional cancellation fees (because we know that you missing your class is penalty enough). We do have an 8-hour cancellation window and ask you to do your best to cancel any classes you cannot make (because that means someone else can).

The easiest way to reschedule your classes is via the app; available on iPhone and Android.

What do I need to bring?2020-08-11T20:06:39+08:00

We will do everything for you, except the workout 😉

Your mat and props will be waiting for you on arrival.
We do recommend grip socks and these are available for purchase in-studio at the member’s rate of $10. Of course, you are welcome to go barefoot.

If you enjoy the MVMT Method and would like to take it home with you, our props are available for purchase in the Shop

New Member Form2020-08-11T20:06:44+08:00

If you’re an organised person, please complete the New Members Form prior to your first class.

If you’re not an organised person, don’t stress! We will follow you up at your first class.

Do I need to take a beginners class?2020-08-11T20:06:51+08:00

No need – our classes are suitable for all levels. 

We promise. Don’t be afraid of being a beginner. We layer in the level of difficulty so that you and your body always have the option to work at your own pace.

We ask for you to complete a new member form which includes a section to tell us about your experience, goals and if you have any injuries. Completion of this form alerts our instructors of any modifications needed to ensure you have a safe and successful movement experience. Please notify your instructor before the class of any injuries or limitations, and we will ensure to give you the appropriate modifications.

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