5 Core moves that are low-impact, high burn

5 Core Moves we love; that are low-impact, high-burn

Try these moves in 1-minute intervals, back to back and experience our LIIT Method.

LIIT is our newest class style, it stands for Low Impact Interval Training. Unlike HIIT which includes high-impact moves, LIIT supersets low-impact, high-intensity moves. 1-minute intervals of our most effective exercises, back to back guaranteed to get you burning, sweating, and feeling that post-workout high in less time.

Your CORE flavoured LIIT lineup:
⏱️ 1 Minute x Overball Abs
⏱️ 1 Minute x Side Planks
⏱️ 1 Minute x Roll Downs
⏱️ 1 Minute x Elbow to Knee Criss Cross
⏱️ 1 Minute x Gliding Planks

I personally use this method in my home practise when I want to get my heart rate up quickly and maximum burn in a short time frame.

1. Overball Abs with alternating legs

Alternative: Overball abs with alternating femur arcs and rotation

2. Side Plank

3. Roll down with long band overhead

4. Criss Cross with ball between elbow and knee

5. Gliding Planks

All these moves are found in our LIIT CORE workout with Elise. Explore our extensive Pilates Workout Library with access to the LIIT Program and more, by starting your 3 month subscription today.