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No Reformer, No Problem: Advanced Planking

Sweat & Sculpt
with Holly

Plank reformer challenge
Intermediate/Advanced with Holly

To our amazing members who are newer to Pilates,scroll down and check out the Pilates 101 video! This is where we go in depth with learning how to plank. A great video to master before you take on this one!

This inter/advanced plank reformer challenge is all about precision. Alignment, stability and balance challenges all approached with control hit the core like nothing else! Pay attention to your form and you will feel this one in all the right places. We start off with reformer plank and pike variations just like you would do on the reformer - then break up the shoulder work with a moment of prone (back work) using the sliders which feels oh so delicious before we dive into using the ball to add an extra level of stability challenge to finish!

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