5 Day Reset Day 5: Style Runner Health Club - The Movement Society

5 Day Reset Day 5: Style Runner Health Club

Sweat & Sculpt
with Holly

Day 5: You made it! This 25 minute full body sweaty and spicy number with Holly is both fun and challenging! We always progress in layers though so you can support your body where you need and challenge it where you want! So you can finish your 5 day detox with a bang and a whole lot of those great feel good endorphins! You deserve it!

Style Runner Health Club with Holly (25 minutes)

Sculpting tools: Chair, mat and a banging playlist you can find below!
As our MVMT member you get exclusive access to our specially curated workouts, this one was such a fun one I did for Style Runner Health Club yet to be released! It's a high intensity, sweaty, barre and fitness fusion with pilates technique. It left me with all the feel good endorphins swell as a sore toosh, I hope it does the same for you!

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