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Prenatal Pilates - Ball & Bump Quickie

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

I refer to this as “that nice ball flow” because while it’s challenging, each exercise is considerate, gentle on joints and targeted to building strength and core control. We warm up the legs with a quick standing squat sequence that uses the ball strategically to invite inner-thighs and pelvic floor to the leg party. Any pain through pubic bone, feel free to remove the ball from between the inner thighs. It is then down to the mat for a quadruped/kneeling squat flow. Quadruped (four-point kneeling) is a go-to core exercise during pregnancy. Due to the relationship to gravity, the weight of your baby increases the challenge to your core so your core muscles work to stabilise your pelvis, as you work the glutes. This series ticks so many boxes – core strength, upper-body strength, glute/hamstring strength as well as hip opening.


  • The ball is there to add aid alignment and invite some light inner-thigh connection and pelvic floor connection. Remove the ball if there is any pain in the pubic bone or pelvis.
  • Wrist pain - you can complete the entire quadruped series on your forearms.
  • If the quadruped core series feels too strong for your core. Take your knees in closer to your chest or take it to standing using a chair to support you.

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